In 1997 Dublin Corporation announced the regeneration of Ballymun. The project was allocated a budget equivalent to €1,000,000,000


Ballymun Regeneration Limited

18 years later the company setup to transform Ballymun is still in existence. The centrepiece of the entire project - a massive shopping centre - was never built. The existing shopping centre is almost demolished. There are no declared plans for a serious replacement.


Throughout 18 years of tumultuous and monumental change, one assumption remained unquestioned: that Ballymun was a dependent community as much in need of reshaping as the buildings themselves.


The 4th Act gathers up the unspooled threads left in the wake of the regeneration; bonds of community, solidarity and memory that have been severed. The 4th Act is about memory – its denial, renunciation and restoration.



Documentary | 74' | 2017

Ballymun is a suburb of Dublin and home to the largest social regeneration programme in Europe. The 4th Act examines the legacy of this 18-year regeneration project, via the dramatically and digitally reconstructed memories of the community itself.    |    Presskit